You’ll Laugh Out Loud At These Hilarious Camping Photos


Crazy adventures happen at campgrounds all over the country and the rest of the world. Take a look at the following pictures and see just how hilarious camping can get. From amazingly repurposed objects to funny shenanigans with friends, these camping photos really sum up the experience of getting away from your everyday life and having some fun. They just may inspire you to get out and have some adventures of your own!

Don’t Go Poking Around

Camping, just like other ways of exploring nature, must be done with a certain respect for one’s surroundings. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a rather…spiky situation, like this young man. We’re sure that he was in pain for quite a few days afterward.

You'll Laugh Out Loud At These Hilarious Camping Photos

After falling into a group of cacti, he had to get help from the local fire department, who don’t seem sure about how to address the issue. They will definitely need some heavy duty gloves just remove these things from him.