Stunning Pictures of the Most Instagram-Worthy Places On Earth



Here are TravelDen we believe in the therapeutic benefits of travel. Everything from satisfying your own wanderlust and curiosity about the world, experiencing a different culture, getting out of your comfort zone, seeing incredible places and eating foods you’ve never heard of. Yes, travel certainly enriches the mind and the soul. That plus a healthy dose of rays are usually what prompts most of us to ‘get away from it all.’

However, in recent years Instagram has taken the world by storm, and with it created another desire to travel, if only for the ‘gram. Yes, in a recent survey a whopping 40 percent of people under age 33 admit that they prioritise “Instagramability” when choosing their next vacation spot, and 40 percent of millennial international travellers saying they wish they could be more like the person they portray on social media, compared to only 22 percent of Gen Xer’s and 14 percent of Baby Boomers.

So here is our rundown of the most Instagram-worthy places on the planet, for any Instagrammer or avid photographer amongst you….