10 Cheapest Vacation Destinations In Europe


Photo by Złota Bułgaria

Since money is concern for most of us, we’ve prepared for you 10 cheapest vacation destinations in Europe.

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach is located in southeast Bulgaria in eastern Europe. This modern resort on the Black Sea is located on 8 km long sandy bay which forms a crescent that faces east.

The resort has sandy beach in a length of about 10 kilometers and a width from 30 and on some places even up to 100 meters. The whole area is covered with fine yellow-golden sand after which the place was named. Sunny Beach offers amenities such as surfing, water skiing, sailing, tennis, bowling, horseback riding, a water park with 3 indoor and many outdoor pools and mini-golf court. Bulgaria is the country where for a small price guests can have interesting and unusual holiday, needless to say that you can see some amazing places.