Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes On Earth


10. Lake Matheson, South Westland, New Zealand


The lake matheson is one of the most scenic locations in New Zealand. It is located in South Westland of New Zealand, a few kilometers near the popular Fox Glacier. Matheson lake is known for offering a stunning mirror view of two highest peaks of New Zealand called Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. The brown colored water of the lake is actually result in its reflecting property. The unusual color of Matheson lake is due to draining of organic matters from the nearby ancient forest.

The lake Matheson was formed about 14000 years ago by the glaciation of fox glacier. The waters of Matheson lake also very calm during day time. It plays a major role in brilliant mirror view of mountains in the lake. The lake is home to long finned eels and many water birds. Apart from the mirror view of mountains visitors can also see a wide variety of plants around the lake Matheson.