5 Foods That Are Destroying Your Teeth



We used to be told by our parents that candies, cookies and soda are bad for our teeth. This is because all these foods contain sugars and sugars turn into acids damaging our teeth.

However, you might be surprised to find out that there are plenty of acids and sugars in other foods and those foods are considered by many of us to be healthy! Read the list and see what other foods can ruin your tooth enamel.

1. Dried fruit
Fresh fruits that do not contain too many sugars and acids are really good for our dental hygiene. Dried fruits are a different story. Although they make a very nutritious snack, they are rich in non-cellulose fiber. Dried fruits do what gummy candies and chewable vitamins do – they trap sugar around your teeth.
The hint: Next time you eat dried fruits remember to brush your teeth right after eating. Floss your teeth and remove any stuck-on sugar and fruit particles.