7 Most Contaminated Fish You Should Avoid Eating



It is said that fish and seafood are a very good source of protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Fatty fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that maintain good health. These facts are established and impossible to deny.

However, nowadays the environmental pollution makes our food contaminated. In a polluted river or sea fish is contaminated, and polluted soil cannot provide healthy grains, fruits or vegetables. Many fish are currently packed with mercury and radioactive elements. Actually, all fish contains some level of mercury. Your mission is to avoid the following top 7 contaminated fish that should not be eaten:

1. Imported Catfish
The catfish that is caught at the local lake is different from the species of catfish we are going to talk about. We are talking about imported catfish. Approximately 90% of the fish that is brought to the USA come from Vietnam. In Vietnam they use a lot of antibiotics to grow catfish. Most of them have been banned for use in the states. In the USA you can find two types of imported catfish – Swai and Basa, which could hardly be called catfish. This means that both Swai and Basa are not inspected as thoroughly as the other imported species.